Current Programs

The organization's primary activity is educational. This includes providing care for children away from their homes to enable the parents or guardians to be gainfully employed. Operational Information: The Center is in operation year round providing after school services and during the summer the Center operates all day. Our current activities includes in order of priority the following:

After School Homework Assistance: Homework assistance is the core component of our ongoing program to provide academic support to children after-school.

Supplemental Education: Consistent supplemental education is another core component of our ongoing program to make sure our kindergarten-3rd graders are exposed to the basics in reading comprehension, vocabulary, and math. The HPLRC staff continually supplements in-class lessons with after-school instruction.

Individual and Group Tutoring: The individual and small-group tutoring component of our program for identified students, is run by HPLRC staff. Tutoring in small groups, gives students class exposure in subject areas such as: Pre-Algebra, Algebra, Geometry, Biology, Chemistry, English and Writing. HPLRC runs classes in all subjects mentioned.

Test Preparatory Classes: With systematic efforts in partnership with parents, the children, and the schools, we believe that we can help improve testing performance. The curriculum addresses the most common deficiencies of inner city test-takers, and those most affected by familiarity with the format: reading comprehension, vocabulary, and mathematics. The course emphasizes, mastering the concepts that will be presented for the grade level, learning strategies for attacking the questions, and provides plenty of practice test opportunities. The classes accommodate a wide range of students, from those who have repeatedly struggled on test to those who, with coaching, can elevate their scores into the elite ranks.

Summer Camp: The Center operates all day during the summer months. In addition to its academic program, the students are also exposed to the arts, physical education, field trips, group tutoring and test prep.